or how we got tangled up in goats a short story
Welcome future friends,

It was because of horses I first got involved with dairy goats. My ex-husband and I
raised show Appaloosas. We had a very expensive show mare foal with no milk for an
equally expensive stud colt. In an absolute panic I called my vet who himself raised
racing Quarter Horses and asked what I could do. There were no nurse mares to be
found and at that time foal lac was not a common item. His words to me were get
yourself a nanny goat.
Well finding a milking goat in our area at that time was next to impossible. A frantic cry
for help went out over the radio stations and we finally located a lady in Eagles Mere
who had one goat in milk she would rent us. My girlfriend and I left in a blizzard with her
Thunderbird to get the goat. Who was,by the way, quite content to lie on the leather back
seat for the ride home.
She was a sweet goat and things went well until the colt got a little bigger and needed
more milk. By now a month has gone by and goats are starting to freshen so off to the
auction barn we go in search of another milking goat. One nubian doe came through
the ring, the only goat in the whole auction barn in milk, needless to say she was
coming home at any price and so she did. Between the two does they raised the colt to
weaning age. Now it was time for the rented goat to go home.    
Well anyone who has ever had nubians knows you can't have one unhappy nubian doe
and by now we have fallen in love with her so sending her back to the auction to
become someone's dinner was not an option. So off to the auction barn we go again to
get her a friend, and now there are two. Being absolutely ignorant about goats we
picked her a nice healthy looking fat doe for a friend. Yes, you guessed it, she was
pregnant now there are four. Those delightful babies captivated me and I never forgot
After the divorce I moved north and rented a farm. Those bouncing babies were still in
my mind and since there was no money in dairy cattle anymore I started toying with the
idea of goats. Well goats are like potato chips you can't have just one. Soon I was up to
my ears in them which was not a good situation on a rented farm that could be sold out
from under you at any time. I was determined to own my own farm again.
I started looking for financing 2 years later FSA came through, just in time, as the rented
farm was sold.  My dream had came true. Fifty four acres were purchased in July of
2000, in beautiful Tioga County Pa, and a new 40 x 120 foot barn and milkhouse were
erected on it. Thanks to the support of a dear friend Rick Leiser who gave me the
courage and confidence to back up three steps and jump my dream was realized. Sadly
Rick passed away before he ever got to see Mar-Bon goats in the show ring, something
he always wanted to do. But I know he is in heaven looking down on the herd and very
proud of what he helped build. Mar-Bon goats continue to do him proud in the show ring
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Mar-Bon goats in their new home in Beautiful Northern Pa